My Country is destroyed,

By a Nation far away,

They call themselves democracy,

And through the World hold sway.


Soldiers in our village,

Killers in our skies,

Know nothing of our people,

With us they have no ties.


What is it they really want?

None of them can tell!

They seek to teach our leaders,

But all they’ve brought is Hell.


Who’s in charge?

Who makes the rules?

No one seems to know.

Some answer me ‘The People’,

Who are these ‘people’ though?


They stuff their eyes,

They stuff their ears,

They stuff their empty days,

Distracted by such spectacles,

They never turn their gaze.


It is a vacant circus,

A world they fill with ghosts,

There is no room for us,

In the pageants they all host.


Do not ask me questions,

And I’ll tell you no lies,

Free the hands of power,

So another nation dies.


We never can conceive,

A World we do not rule,

And so we must obliterate,

All those we cannot school.


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