Remembrance Sunday 2014

The First World War was an orgy of viciousness, cruelty and ignorance. It vies to be the most shameful episode in the history of Western civilisation with few other contenders. Political Powers vein with their new found industrial and military might boasted and swaggered, determined to test their wills upon each other and prove their superiority.

Elitist societies like Britain put no value on the life of the common citizen and were prepared to expend it by the countless thousands like some cheap bulk commodity. More value was put on a sack of flour than the life of a “lower class” man. Incompetent military commanders and officers bumbled ineptly through battles wasting lives in the tens of thousands only to expect them to be rapidly replaced with thousands more. Uncertain of all else, commanders and men were certain of just one thing. That they would not give up until they had crushed their enemies. No human cost could be considered too high when the reputation of the nation was at stake.

The people of Europe in 1914 were ignorant, it wasn’t their fault. Today we have no excuse for eagerly readopting their ignorance.


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