WHY AMERICANS ARE STUPID [Hey! Keep your pants on! I’m only being provocative.]

The United States, like some other countries formerly called ‘white dominions’ has enjoyed many tremendous advantages compared with Europe and Asia. The Americans colonised a vastly under-populated continent. As a result they inherited a vast excess of all natural resources: agricultural land, energy resources, minerals and so on. This contrasts with the situations found in Europe and Asia. In these over-populated continents there is always a shortage of everything except people.

There were other consequences of this situation in the long run which gave Americans benefits. The excess of these factors of production relative to human labour also meant that labour was a relatively scarce factor compared with the others. This meant pay and conditions for American workers would, if left to market forces, in the long run tend to be better than those in Europe and Asia.

Another aspect of this is that in Europe and Asia the cheapness of labour favoured labour-intensive methods for doing everything. It inhibited technological innovation as new high productivity methods of production meant unemployment, poverty, social problems, and crime. In America the high relative cost of labour favoured innovation of capital-intensive methods, the development of new technology. Shortages meant the labour released could be put to good use.

Thus the problems faced by Europe and Asia have always been of a different character to those in America. Increases in productivity meant problems in income distribution. Such problems had to be addressed. Failure to do so could lead to social problems and political unrest. The problems of Europe and Asia are much worse, much more difficult to deal with than those in America where politicians were able to get away for a long time with more simplistic approaches.

America is like an overbearing rich uncle who won the jackpot on the lottery and so now he thinks that makes him cleverer than everybody else. In fact his excess of wealth means he doesn’t need to be as clever as other family members to get by.

He doesn’t have such difficult problems to deal with. To add insult to injury he is not even able to solve the few easy problems he’s got of his own! This won’t stop him telling everybody else how to run their own affairs.

Hey American!

Stop telling everyone you’ve got the answers to everything. The reason you think you’ve got the answers is because you don’t even know what the questions are!


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