Right-wing thinkers always seem to start from an overly simplistic abstract idea of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’. They then extrapolate this to its logical conclusion irrespective of the consequences. Right is right and wrong is wrong it’s as simple as that!

If someone doesn’t work they shouldn’t get any money.

But it isn’t that simple, they are not practical thinkers. If unemployed people don’t get money they are out on the street as beggars, or they turn to crime. Perhaps they have children, innocents who will suffer. The end result is they become a nuisance, they become a social problem. This ultimately affects the quality of life of almost everyone.

If someone commits murder they should be executed!

It’s as simple as that, but it isn’t. By having the death penalty you create a more brutal, more violent society. Once a criminal has killed once they might as well kill any number of times, especially if it will help them escape. They have little incentive to stop killing. Culturally we value human life less not more. If a mistake is made, an innocent person is executed, well that’s too bad.

Why should anyone ever care what happens to anyone else? One political thinker much beloved by the right even went as far as to say: “There’s no such thing as society”.

What a stupid point of view. If society didn’t exist we wouldn’t need a word for it. If you reject the existence of society merely because it is an abstract concept rather than a material object, which seems to be the line of thought here, then you might as well discard so much which composes our world as humans; love, loyalty, status, identity, culture, everything which matters to us beyond our most basic needs.

Society exists in just as practical a way as these other ‘abstracts’, it works like this:

 We’re all stuck in this swimming pool and if one person shits it affects everyone.

Left-wing people are much more pragmatic and practical. Left-wing thinking is almost always looking ahead to the wider repercussion of its policies. Because of this left-wingers are more likely to compromise and adapt elements of right-wing policies to their needs to produce the happiest outcome for the largest number of people.

Right-wing thinkers are simpletons. They do not think through the long term consequences of their policies. Perhaps they just don’t care about other people, in which case they are just arseholes. In fact they don’t even work out how they will suffer themselves in the long run, so I conclude they are just stupid.

I guess my message for right-wing thinkers is the old quote:

“Be careful what you wish for, it might come true”.


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