Social Engineering?

Theme: Consumerism, the Terminal Stage of Capitalism

“We don’t do social engineering!” We’ll I‘ve got news for you, if you are a human being you do do ‘social engineering’. You do it all the time, whether you like it or not. Call it ‘brining up your children’, call it ‘education’, call it ‘entertaining people’ or call it the ‘mass media’. It’s all social engineering. Everything you say and do is sending out messages to other people, and everything you don’t say, and don’t do is also sending out messages about attitudes, values, what you think is important, what’s ‘right or wrong’.

Children learn by imitation. Human beings are social animals, adults learn by imitation just as much as children do. Humans have a desire to conform and fit in. They feel the need to adopt the attitudes and values of those around them to be accepted and to bond.

The mutation of all channels of mass communication into a means of business only is derailing the very foundations of the culture without which a civilisation cannot exist stably. First we were told, “Oh it must be entertaining, if you want to get your message across” (Of course, so we can get our message across! We really want that!). How quickly and easily this transforms into “It must only be entertaining, nothing more can be tolerated!”

When all mass communication has simply become a means of making profits for business owners, and all mass communication must only be allowed to entertain, the content of the social engineering it actively carries out is beyond scrutiny, it is unguided. Thus it accidentally or otherwise engineers an amoral, vacuous, inward looking, self-obsessed, ultra-materialistic culture with no values.

  Just remember when you are old you will be at the mercy of these little people whose minds you have connected to the open sewer pipe of the mass media from the day they were born. Happy retirement!


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