While researching the development of the United States’ nuclear strategy, I came across an article which listed the states targeted by US weapons in the 2002 ‘Nuclear Posture Review’:







North Korea

Let’s just consider how these nations have fared in the thirteen years succeeding the review:

Russia X (being isolated and attacked by economic warfare)


Iraq X (Neutralised: no longer really exists, broken up and parts occupied by ISIL)

Iran (subject to economic warfare and military threats over its alleged nuclear ambitions)

Syria X  (in the process of being destroyed by an externally supported civil war)

Libya X (already destroyed by an externally supported civil war)

North Korea

Is it any wonder that I expect Iran to get the same treatment as Iraq, once Obama has gone?


2 thoughts on “DEATH LIST 2002

  1. Annie – I think we think more alike than not! I think we are both desperately trying to understand and unravel truth for all the mess that has us paralyzed. I think that our ‘solutions’ have a political and monetary core and humanity has lost much of its humanity…


  2. Being a life long cynic I have a fairly pessimistic view of everything and seek a least of evils approach to problems. My contention is that the current enthusiasm for using military force is a direct result of the end of the Cold War and the resulting imbalance of military-political strength. There’s a disturbing counter-current which is the hollowing out of the US and other western economies, and the rise of new centres of economic power, notably China. My fear is the west is increasingly resorting to military force to compensate for losing its grip on the world economy. It ties in with something called the ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’. This idea has been quarterized by identifying it exclusively with Paul Wolfowitz, but in fact I think its a tendency which runs deeply through all post-Cold War US policy.


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