Since before 2005 I have been accusing the Qatari Royal family of having been behind the 9/11 attacks based on circumstantial evidence which indicates that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the organiser of the attacks, was a Qatari agent who infiltrated Al-Qaeda.

See my earlier post: “KSM on Trial? Are you Kidding!”

Since then I have traced a consistent foreign policy by Qatar to engineer a region-wide sectarian war aimed at isolating Shia Arabs and Iran, with the aim of dragging the west into a war with Iran, their apparent ultimate goal.

One link between Qatar and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), has been found, whose policies were clearly focused against the so-called ‘near enemy’, meaning the Shia Arabs and Iran.

Qatar took a leading role both in the overthrow of Iran’s regional ally Qaddafi in Libya, and against Iran’s only other regional ally Assad in Syria.

I have also been collecting what fragments of evidence I can to link Qatar to the rise of ISIL, the child of AQI.

I have been working on articles to present some of this material but it has proved difficult to find any concrete proof in the public domain. That was until this October when the wall of denials and of playing dumb by western governments was broken by the leaking of an email from Hillary Clinton to political adviser John Podesta.

This email confirms two important facts:

Firstly – Qatar and Saudi Arabia provided clandestine financial and logistical support to ISIL. Much as I had always suspected.

Secondly – that the US government knew of this, as I had always suspected.

See my article: “The Shadowboxing Hypothesis”

This information should be politically explosive and is of the highest imaginable public interest. Yet it has been completely ignored by the British mass media, the only place where it could have any political impact.

Thus the revelation remains unknown to the vast majority of the British public and it has had zero political impact.

I have only been able to find one report in the mainstream British press, not counting ‘Russian-owned’ The Independent. This is from the “Daily Mail” which has repeatedly reported accusations that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been financing terrorist groups.

Julian Assange is sticking by the veracity of this leaked email despite innuendo that the messages ‘may’ have been tampered with from John Podesta.



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