2020 – A Very American Coup

A Vision of the Future

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “The president is unwell and will be resting at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The president has been under great strain given the tense international situation and has been working around the clock for several weeks now with little rest. I guess it had to take its toll.”

PRESS: “What arrangements are in place during the president’s absence?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “As you would expect, this is when the veep takes the leading role and will be carrying out most of the president’s duties, with the support of the Military Advisers Group.”

PRESS: “What exactly is the status and role of the Military Advisers Group?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “Well, I think it’s been well covered by the media that given the situation the safe unwinding of the current military posture requires a high level input from our most senior staff officers.”

PRESS: “So what is that triggered the alarm that led the Chiefs of Staff to intervene in what would normally be regarded as political matters?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “You’re right, you’re right that err… these matters would conventionally be considered the province of civilian politicians but I think there is a consensus that some issues of defence and national security warrant the inclusion of high level military personnel. As part of a necessary process of planning and evaluation which goes beyond the experience and technical qualifications of a civilian politician.”

PRESS: “Is it true that General Smedley called the president a dangerous lunatic?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “Well it’s already in the public domain that there were a number of, shall we say, tense exchanges between the president and a number of senior officers.”

PRESS: “But the leaks to the Washington Post about ongoing military planning. To find that they came from the military, from the planning staff themselves. Isn’t this an unprecedented case?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “It is technically a breach of the normal constitutional division of powers, the division between elected civilian politicians and military officers. That is true. However the seriousness of the issue was also unprecedented.”

PRESS: “Orders to use tactical nuclear weapons against a country which is not nuclear armed and lies close to Russia?”


PRESS: “How about these four US Army heavy divisions that are in transit to Europe. Will they be turned around?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “I haven’t, no. I haven’t got any current up to date information on that situation. I think it is part of what the Military Advisers Group is working on at the minute. This information will be released when the decision has become clear.”

PRESS: “What is the current health status of the President?”

OFFICIAL WHITEHOUSE PRESS AIDE: “Mrs. Clinton is physically quite well, but mentally exhausted. Her doctors have advised it will take some time for her to fully recover.”