“The Big Think…” (Eleven and a half minutes every day and how not to waste them)


Hello…  Sorry I haven’t got any porn, or celebrity gossip or photos. I’ve no luxury products to sell you.  Here I stand on my upturned plastic milk crate in a corner of Hyde Park. Foreign tourists pass me by taking no notice.

 Such is the internet for those who have unpopular things to say, but please read on if you want to save your arse, before our brilliant leaders completely fuck everything up.


I suppose my main theme is that there have grown massive power imbalances in the world which are growing still further. These imbalances are dangerous and destructive.

If we fail to recreate more of a balance of power in the world the result is likely to be disaster, as those with the power destroy and plunder everyone else.

A world with only one global superpower is a world of war and conquest.

We must find a way of managing this situation more realistically or disasters such as another ‘world war’ are more than likely.


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